commercial building

Upgrading Your Metal Building

Metal buildings are rapidly gaining popularity in the construction industry due to their obvious durability and affordability. You can purchase a custom metal building to suit your own specific needs be it for your business or pleasure. But sometimes functionality...

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commercial building

Why is a Steel Metal Commercial Building Perfect for Startup Businesses?

People planning to start a new business on their own will face a lot of challenges in the beginning. There are lots of risks associated with starting your business, however big or small it is. There are numerous things to...

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Are Metal RV cover worth the investment?

As an RV owner, it is understandable that you would want to provide the best protection for your vehicles, after all, RVs are no small investments. There are RV storage facilities where you can store your RV after paying some...

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moisture in metal building

Controlling Moisture in Metal Buildings ; Protection against the humidity.

Moisture can cause the most damage to an enclosed metal building. Moisture in metal building in any form is detrimental to the functioning of the metal structure and all its components while it also has negative effects on the health and...

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carport design and idea

Carport Design and ideas: Unique Carports

Metal carports are definitely the more popular choice among people because of its affordability, durability and just for the fact that it is so easy to build. However, there are people who have invested time and resources to build carports...

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Solar Carports

Solar carports : Are Solar Carports, Solar Shades, Solar Canopies Way of the future?

The solar industry is one of the fastest growing industries of recent times. Sun-powered equipment and machinery are gaining popularity, not only among the environmentalists but also among common folks who are realizing that solar energy is much more efficient...

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metal carport roofing styles

metal carport roofing styles ; Advantages along with differences

For metal carports, especially the ‘Top- Only’ kind, roof structure plays an important part in determining the protection your vehicles receive as well as the overall aesthetics of the structure. The metal carport kits on sale come with three different...

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Things to consider Rv cover

Things to Consider While Buying a Metal RV Cover Kit

Once you realize that you will need a Metal RV cover kit to provide the best protection for your Recreational Vehicles or your Motorhomes, you can then begin the process of purchasing the product. There are numerous factors that you...

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carport uses ideas

Carport uses Ideas : How to make your metal carport more than a car cover?

When we think of a carport we think protection for our cars or our vehicles against weather. That may be the primary purpose of carports but you do not have to limit their use to car covers. Metal carports have...

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metal carport maintenance

Metal carport for maintenance : a guide

Even though  metal carport maintenance is very low in general, there are maintenance measures that you should undertake to ensure your metal carport has the maximum lifespan. Metal carport maintenance is a relatively easy and effortless task. You just need...

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Steel metal carport building

Environmentally friendly Steel Metal Carport

Being environmentally friendly, in many ways, means being very conservative in the use of natural resources so as to cause less harm to the environment. It has become imperative in this day and age to be responsible towards our environment....

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metal carport kit

Customizing Your Metal Carport Kit

We, at ShedBuy, understand that choosing a metal carport kit is not a ‘one size fits all’ condition. What a home owner wants out of a metal carport is entirely dependent on his/ her unique parking or storage needs. Purchasing...

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Commercial metal buildings

Commercial Metal Buildings / steel buildings : Advantages

Commercial metal buildings or steel buildings are used specifically for commercial or industrial applications like being used as a warehouse, a local store, an office or as a workshop. The use of metal buildings for commercial and industrial purposes has...

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Guide to choosing the Perfect Metal Carport for your requirement

So you have decided that you want to purchase a metal carport for protecting your vehicles or for any other purpose but you don’t exactly know what type of carport kit you should buy. There are so many different options...

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Wood carport

Carport Comparison: Advantages of Metal Carports over Wood Carports

Wooden carports have been used as a shelter for cars and vehicles for many years now whereas metal carports have been on the rise recently. As a homeowner wanting to add a carport to your property, the choice between a...

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Metal Carports: Pros of Galvanized Steel Carports

When reading about metal buildings or metal carports you might have come across the term ‘galvanized steel’ and wondered what it was or why it was so popular. Galvanized steel has been used in the construction industry for a while...

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Advantages of owning a Carport

Carport is the roofed structure that is used to provide protection to vehicles from snow and rain. Vehicles are as one of biggest investment one does after a house, so protecting your prized possession is something one should do. After...

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